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Feminine Syntax:Personal Biographies

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Feminine Syntax:Personal Biographies
27 February,2011 - 27 March,2011
Curated By: Rekha Rodwittiya
Karishma D'souza, Kim Kyoungae, Kim Seola, Lee Hayan, Malavika Rajnarayan, Sonatina Mendes
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Feminine Syntax : Personal Biographies is an intimate space of reflection and consideration that desires to hold dear the personal and the fragile, within an art environment that has increasingly begun to impose the demands for grand and epic proclamations.

Like the weaving of a tapestry, the many different threads that knot and come together are what finally make for a complete picture; and as lives interweave too, these spaces of communion hold exquisite value. Feminine sensibility in art is often from those territories that engage with the politics of gender and which chart a history that is crucial to contextualizing self representations.

The six artists are acutely conscious of the collective histories that that they choose to belong to and which may be viewed as the legacies of feminist discourse. Nuanced and evocative, their works imbibe oral histories of a multicultural social milieu which become the stage of greater elaboration and interventions. Shared associations, conflicts, parallel histories and cultural investigations - all wrapped in the pursuit of a visual language, have distilled to articulate passages of contemporary existence for these six women.

Kim Kyoungae, Lee Hayan and Kim Seola are from South Korea, whilst Karishma Dísouza and Sonatina Mendes are from Goa; and Malavika Rajnarayan is from Bangalore- all who now currently reside in Baroda. Coming from multiple locations, Baroda becomes a site of collective journeys converging.

Rekha Rodwittiya
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