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Sermons in Ceramics
18 March,2010 - 21 March,2010
Curated By: Khanjan Dalal
Amit Ambalal
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Working in ceramics was quiet an experience!! One that was totally different from that of working in papier-mâché, fiber glass or bronze casting. Each stage of the process poised different challenges. The molding of the clay lump had its own tensions with its ever changing temperament: from soft, spongy to leathery and if worked on over a longer duration – to rock hard.

It is this dynamic quality of the base material that made it imperative for me to initiate a dialogue with it. And as soon as a semblance of coherence was established with the mind, fingers & the clay - the rhythm began to flow taking over my story and changing it at its own will. It reminded me of Picasso who discovered that the story you tell through clay is the one that the clay wants you to tell!

Applying glaze colours on the forms that varied from round to square and surfaces that were from rough to smooth was an enjoyable. It was also like shooting in the dark as all colours looked alike before firing. The moment of tension came when the works were taken out from the kiln, what emerged was never what I had expected! There were times the surprise was too shocking and I didn’t like it, but after a while I began to respond to it.

I realized that in this medium the artist, as a creator, does not have much under his control. In fact, it was this particular aspect that excited me and made working on ceramics the most playful experience I had with accidents!!

I would like to thank Khanjan for enticing me to this medium. To Prakash Vani who provided necessary technical guidance and offered all the facilities at Platypus studio.

Amit Ambalal
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