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The Unmovable Movment

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The Unmovable Movment
08 August,2012 - 31 August,2012
Curated By: Khanjan Dalal
Radhika Hamlai
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Artist Statement:

My works are an unending inquiry in deep philosophical dilemmas and complexities of human relationship. Finding the ultimate delight beyond the reach of basic sensory experiences perceived through meditation, cannot stay away from the ultimate truth. Spaces in one’s mind are hauntingly empty and at the same time alive and intricate. There are mixed feelings, a story about a relationship with the surroundings gaining little by little, peace by means of tranquility, a reason resulting from absorption of mind into the self not contemplating anything else. The sensuality dwelling in one’s mind can capture a mysterious spiritual experience through meditation.
Here in Oman I live in a matching world of beautiful nature, bright color and dramatic light, where everything affects me; and I believe that things happen as they should expressing moods, speaks of dreams and are meant to help us feel free.


Curatorial Note:

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.- Pablo Picasso

Untiringly innovative Radhika is a self taught artist who has arrived at a visual language that is stylistically deconstructive and child like at the same time completely profound in content. When I first met her a couple of years back in her developing stage I told myself that I need something more than this to find herself working with lemongrasshopper. Contrary to self taught artists or for that matter some trained artists whose internal search becomes secondary in difficult times and daily routines Radhika pursued her need to make art constantly. A few days ago I came across her work again and this time much to my delight I saw very different and matured work that had eliminated all the irrelevant and unnecessary elements. I told myself at once that this is possible only with people who are in constant search of answers with the self as well as with the surrounding.
We present this online exhibition of her new works which reflects a peculiar duality as well as a commitment to herself and integrity toward her practice.


Note: physical preview is possible at our registered office address after taking an appointment. call on +919898034499.
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